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  • Enjoy your Cultural Trip to Baku by Booking a Traditional Hotel
    Baku is a modern capital town of Azerbaijan, which is also said to be the popular place where travelers from all across the globe make it a point to visit. The place is known for the rituals, traditions and cultures that are stringently followed here. Of course, you would find many travel agencies that would understand your requirement and give you the best possible deal. But what you need to not miss in Baku Day Tours is to experience the Baku traditions from closely.

    Popular Hotels that you may want to give a try:

    Terrace Hotel

    The concept of this hotel is slightly different since the name itself suggest what the purpose it shall be servicing. Whether you are planning for a day trip to Baku or going to stay for a long time, understand that Baku is a place that comes with the best of the traditions and rituals. Booking a room at Terrace can bring you close to those rituals. Besides, at night, you will definitely enjoy a drink or meal at Heydar Aliyev Center

    Hotel Hale Kai:

    This is another popular hotel located in the heat of Baku. It is just close to some of the popular tourists areas and hardly walking distance from the Fountain Square. This place turns out to be one of the best ones that you can come across. The place offers a strategic starting point from where you can actually explore the city in all your way. It only this, there are the soft colors on the wall and well hand crafted furniture that creates an individual ambience inside every room. With close to so many attractions, booking the place here is actually worth.

    Old baku Hotel:

    This is another popular hotel that you may think of booking. The name itself suggest what should be the theme of the same. The place is located in the centre of the Baku which is around 500 m from the Caspian sea. But along with traditional theme it has a modern touch to enhance the smooth living of the people. This is main reason why it has been serving many of the tourist form a long time and needless to say there are many happy customers as well.
    Other than this, during the Baku Sightseeing Tours of course you will be able to cover maximum tourists areas but also if possible, try covering the regions such as Shaki-Zaqatala, Gabala, Ganja-Gazakh, and Guba-Khachmaz to name a few that offers best of the view, great tourist spots and some of the incredible location to explore that of course you must have not seen anywhere else. So what are you waiting for? Get ready with your bookings today and see the

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  • Preventing Acid Reflux: Medication and other treatments
    Acid reflux is defined as the backing up of digestive acids present in the stomach lining which help in breaking down the food we eat. This reflux happens because of two reasons:

    1. Pressure buildsup inside the stomach.
    2. Loosening of the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES)

    Whatever the reason might be for acid reflux, the associated symptoms and effects are painful. Heartburn, which is a painful sensation in the abdomen or near the breastbone, is a painful condition which happens due to acid reflux. People have problems eating certain foods and thus, permanent changes are required.

    Natural elements and Medications

    Before taking any kinds of medication, try and see if natural elements can help you Acid Reflux Relief. Going the natural route should be your first choice as it is a healthier choice for your body. Furthermore, consider eating healthier foods as a part of your diets. The lesser impact they have on your stomach, the lesser are the chances of reflux.

    Natural elements such as non-citric fruit and vegetable juices are considered helpful during heartburn episodes. Papaya, when consumed naturally or even in juice form, it helps in breaking down food in the stomach and reduces pressure build up. Juices such as Pineapple juice and Aloe Vera Juice have a calming effect on the stomach and esophageal lining and they reduce acid build up inside the stomach. Cloves of garlic have also been known to bring quick relief from severe heartburn pains.

    For controlled and quick relief, medications such as antacids, H2 blockers as well as Proton pump inhibitors are recommended. Although, prolonged use should be combined with regular checkups with a doctor.

    Proton Pump Inhibitors or PPIs come in over the counter types as well as prescription strength for extreme cases. Proton Pump Inhibitors are a specific group of drugs that are prescribed to patients suffering from Ulcers, Gastro-esophageal reflux disease or GERD and other severe gastric diseases. The effects of this medication are visible and long-lasting. The active agents inside the medication bind with Hydrogen Potassium adenosine triphosphatase (aka as Proton pump) and prevents gastric secretion inside the stomach wall lining. Besides gastric diseases such as GERD, PPI have also been used to treat symptoms of other diseases.
    In very rare conditions where home remedies and medication isn’t able to bring any long-term relief to an individual, a surgical approach might be taken. Known as GERD surgery or Fundoplication surgery, this surgical method ties the top of the stomach around the esophageal lining to reinforce the LES and prevent the stomach from leaking back into the stomach cavity.

    Acid reflux is a treatable condition, even in the chronic cases. Surgery is required in a very small number of cases. Usually, home remedies and medications are more than able to provide relief from Acid Reflux. A permanent solution is to change our dietary habits for the better. Eat healthy foods, don’t overindulge in high fat-foods and be conscious about your meal times.

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