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4 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Managed WordPress Hosting Provider (
Choosing a managed hosting provider for your WordPress website can be a daunting task – especially if you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of the industry.

The sheer amount of features on offer from different hosting providers makes it difficult to intelligently navigate through the haze. Managed WordPress hosting standards have improved significantly over the past few years leaving us with a handful of top contenders to choose from.

In this post, we aim to provide you with a clear outlook of what you should expect from your managed WordPress hosting provider. By the time you’re through with this post, you’ll know the questions you should be asking your hosting provider to make the most of your money.

Let’s get started!

What is managed WordPress hosting?

When you sign up for a managed WordPress hosting plan, your hosting provider does all the heavy lifting for you. This typically includes speed, uptime, security, backups, site restoration, updates, plugin/theme compatibility, and daily site monitoring.

In short, managed WordPress hosting takes care of all the back-end tasks of operating a WordPress site. This hosting plan is ideal for small businesses that don’t want to get involved with day to day site maintenance or outsource system administration.

Most of the managed hosting plans you’ll find are geared towards WordPress. This ensures that you can stay on top of things without lifting a finger and deliver the best user experience to your viewership.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve boiled down the things you should consider when choosing a managed WordPress hosting provider into four areas.


Small business owners that ask their customers for personal information cannot risk security breaches and data leaks. Managed WordPress hosting providers take extra care to provide their customers with the right tools to ensure top-notch security.

For those of you who like to be on the safe side, here’s a quick checklist of questions you’ll want to tick off on before purchasing your next managed WordPress hosting plan:

Do set up SSL certificates for customers?
Do you offer regular automated backups and site restoration?
Do you provide protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks?
A careful analysis of the hosting plan will get you answers to all three of these security-related questions. If your managed hosting provider fails to deliver on any one of these features then perhaps it’s a good idea to look elsewhere.


Regardless of the size of their online business, one goal that all entrepreneurs share is business growth. A good managed hosting provider gives their customers enough room to grow their business without having to worry about where they’ll host their site.