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How to Get Published on Big Sites (
Building a strong brand reputation from nothing is a huge challenge even for well-capitalized businesses. For businesses with tighter budgets, however, it’s an even bigger challenge. Not only do you have to raise your media profile, you can’t simply wait around for a major web outlet to notice your brand and feature it.

You can get content about your company published on major online destination sites like Huffington Post, Forbes, and Business Insider if you’re willing to put in the work and be persistent. The results of doing so include increased brand visibility, a foundation for building a strong reputation in your industry, better website traffic, and more social media followers. In the best cases, you may even find that you have an easier time recruiting talent and attracting interest from startup investors.

Having your brand content published on major sites is terrific for raising your brand profile.

Everyone understands the power of a positive first impression. But did you know that people make the decision on whether or not to trust someone new within less than a second of meeting them? Time and hard work are necessary for building trust, but if you make a bad first impression, then re-building trust is significantly harder. Here’s how you can start your brand building and company recognition efforts out right.