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How Optum, a Young Brand, Is Using Content to Build Brand Awareness (
Even if you work in the healthcare space, you may not be familiar with Optum.

UnitedHealth Group created the brand in 2011 to serve as its health services branch, separate from its benefits offerings, the better-known UnitedHealthcare. As a new brand with little equity, Optum has focused on building its market presence in the few years since.

Optum’s first ads ran just three years ago. And last month, Optum launched a new brand campaign, “How Well Gets Done,” which positions the company as an industry change-maker.

“We’re a health services and innovation company,” says Benjamin Meents, Vice President, Optum Corporate Marketing and Brand. “We’re very data-driven. We leverage data and analytics to help people live healthier lives and make the system work better for everyone.”

For Optum, the main brand objective is to build awareness among a niche but sizable target audience: health system buyers and influencers.

“We want to reach those working within the healthcare space – everyone from health plan and employee providers, to those in life sciences and the government,” says Meents.

Content will play a crucial role. The Optum brand team is leaning in with a new content strategy and optimizing based on early learnings.

Here, Meents, who will be speaking at #ThinkContent 2017, shares what that process looks like.