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Small business: It doesn't always have to be small (
Q: I have owned two small businesses and am ready tostart another. I am wondering about growth. My businesses have always stayed fairly small. This time, I want to create something that can scale big. But how? So far, it's not in my wheelhouse. — Manuel

A: In my book The Big Idea, I looked at people who had unique ideas for businesses and examined how they took that nugget and turned it into a brand — things like the Xerox machine, Velcro, Kitty Litter,the cell phone.

While that book looked at breakthrough, innovative products, the idea here is the same, namely, how do you create growth?

Let's note up front that luck plays a factor, just as it does in life.

When George de Mestral went for a walk one day, he never expected that he would end up with burrs in his sock. But as luck would have it, he did, and decided to look at them under the new microscope he (luckily) had recently purchased. "Why do those burrs stick to my sock," he wondered? Under the microscope, de Mestral saw that the burrs were actually made up of hundreds of tiny "hooks" which attached to the hundreds of tiny loops that made up his sock. "Hooks and loops," he thought, "hooks and loops . . ."