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How to Conduct a Small Business Website Audit that Will Boost Enquiry (
Every small business has a website, but how do you know if your site is operating as an effective selling tool?

Sure your website may look attractive, include some helpful information your customers might find interesting, but is it driving enquiry and gaining more visitors each month?

The good news is there are a number of simple tricks you can use to audit your website and assess if the most important front-facing marketing tool you have is getting the job done right.

#1. Start by evaluating your enquiry rate

Small business websites can largely be evaluated in terms of their effectiveness by calculating their enquiry rate. You can do this by calculating how many enquiries you received last month divided by the number of unique visitors your website received in that same period. If you’re a user of Google Analytics you can do this by visiting the Audience > Overview section of your dashboard, adjusting the date range and dividing the total Users by the enquiries received last month. At a minimum you should be aiming for a 2% enquiry rate each month but the more the better!

#2. Review your bounce rate and your visitors time on site

There are two common site metrics that tell a similar story when it comes to the quality of the content on your site; these are bounce rate and the time your users spend on your site.

Your bounce rate tells you how many visitors left your site site after visiting a single page. This is expressed as a percentage of the overall visitors to your site and per page. Ideally you want this figure to be as low as possible, and should be aiming for somewhere around 30%.

Similar to bounce rate, the time your users spend on your pages is representative of the quality of your content. If you have good, rich valuable content that speaks to your users’ intent, this figure should be higher, if you’re seeing figures less than a minute per page across your site you may need to consider reviewing your site messaging because the longer your visitors stay on your site the more chance you have of selling to them.