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6 Future Trends of SEO For 2017 (
SEO is constantly changing the industry and if you want to stay ahead then you need to adopt latest SEO trends and strategies to outperform your competitor. It’s imperative that an SEO expert should have knowledge of all the future trends, SEO principles, and policies. As these are used by search engines to rank web pages in search engine result pages.

In this post, check out the six trends of SEO which will evolve the near future of SEO in the coming years.

Keywords Research
Keywords are the backbone of SEO. Now the choosing of keywords isn’t just entering a list as suggested by keyword finding tools. But the keyword research process has changed and now dependent on choosing the keywords based on topics or user intent. The research is primarily done considering two main factors into account search volume and keyword difficulty. But in 2017 it is not limited to these two factors and done on the basis of social value, Google instant search results and related keywords for latent semantic indexing or LSI.

SEO expert will help you to find long tail keywords, local keywords and user-Intent based keywords which will elevate the rankings and drive huge organic traffic. Thus keyword research strategy should be focused on selecting the right keyword mix which delivers effective results for your business site.