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How to make content marketing for tech successful | Brafton (
When people hear I work in marketing, they automatically think of cool designs, public relations events, Snapchat and other trendy pursuits. When I tell them I do marketing for an information technology company, their reactions tend to be less animated.

Why? Because when people think of IT, they envision networks, computer viruses, servers and decidedly less “sexy” marketing. In short, they think, “Boring.”

To be fair, they’re not entirely wrong. Running a B2B marketing campaign for a small IT company means I probably won’t be overseeing an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account anytime soon. Those types of channels simply aren’t the avenues through which our audience wants to find answers to IT questions.

But that doesn’t mean our content marketing strategy won’t be clever, interesting or extremely valuable. After all, I truly believe content is only as boring as you let it be. The challenge for any digital marketer, regardless of industry, isn’t the content creation itself – it’s continually making that content compelling, informative and useful for the reader’s journey.