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Why Billionaires Focus on the Smallest Details (
Several years back, I attended a business meeting with the former CEO of Coca-Cola, Henry Schimberg, who told me a story that illustrates how a minor tweak to thinking can have a very big impact on business. Henry is a highly engaging story teller, so I will do my best to do his business parable justice.

Back when he was with Coca-Cola, Henry was presented samples of new packaging for one of the company’s very important beverage products. The presentation was given by a project team in a very sleek, all-white room.

The packaging, as presented, looked modern and gorgeous.

The project team felt they had delivered a winning design. Most of the attendees in the room were suitably impressed, as well.

However, Henry broke up the self-congratulations by asking one simple question: “How does the package look on the shelf?”

On the shelf? The team didn’t understand.