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A Small Business Guide To Selling On Amazon: Be Ready To Compete On Price (
Amazon can truly be called a retail innovator, and since its inception as an online bookseller in the 1990s, it has forever changed the way consumers shop for products. Amazon’s reach is staggering -- nearly 50% of internet users in the US live in a household with a Prime membership and receives more than 2 billion visitors every single month. And the company is much more than just an ecommerce platform. Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods Market indicates an aggressive expansion into the grocery category, and a pursuit of a larger bricks and mortar presence. The Amazon Echo is changing the face of ecommerce altogether, delivering a nearly frictionless shopping experience.

Amazon has made itself indispensable to users. There are very few products you can’t find on Amazon these days. With customer information saved on file, it’s incredibly easy to place an order with a single click or a single voice command. To top it all off, free 2-day Prime shipping eliminates two major ecommerce complaints -- long delivery times and shipping costs.

Amazon’s vast influence and presence make it an appealing platform for retailers who want to take advantage of the site’s unmatched volume of traffic. At our agency we work with many clients who are exploring the decision to sell on Amazon. If you’re considering whether or not Amazon is a viable channel for you brand, here are some things to keep in mind.