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Influencer Marketing For Small Business: Your Ultimate Guide (
Trust is evolving. And, with it, so is influencer marketing. Although many associate influencer marketing with big brands (think Old Navy, Nike, and Adidas) and big names (like the Kardashians or the Hadid sisters), it’s actually ideal for small businesses as well. Here’s everything you need to know about influencer marketing for small business.
The Evolution of Trust
Building trust with your audience or customer base is a key component of marketing to that audience. But trust is changing. The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer revealed that people are less likely to trust the media and government now than in the past. Trust in business is slipping as well. The one thing that people do trust is the opinion of “a person like themselves.” About 60 percent of people surveyed stated that they found a person like them to be the most credible spokesperson for a company.
Research from Nielsen backs up Edelman. In 2015, the Global Trust in Advertising survey found that 83 percent of people trusted recommendations from people they knew. Around 66 percent of those surveyed trusted the opinions of other people posted online.